Thursday, December 1, 2011


Hey, happy birthday to me! I'm big ol' 33!
I made a cake and I haven't checked Facebook yet...leaving that till the end of the day... as you do when it's your birthday in 2011!
Had some nice text's though (thank you Luarna!), and after I made my cake I had some time to spend at the beach... so I did! with hot chips, a whole box of chocolates a bottle of juice  a good book and the wind in my hair.

And on an unrelated note, I have just discovered the world of free plants. Yep, I saw a beautiful  sort of  climbing geranium with white flowers and I sneaked over and took a couple of stalks then took them home and put them in a's a bit late in the season for cuttings, and they may not take root, but this Autumn I'll be on the look out.!
 And it was one of those moments where I thought "why didn't I think of this earlier??".
The only question is... should I knock on the door and ask first? Coz I'm totally chicken to do that. Fortunately these were out on the curb, and in NZ the council owns the curb, so officially, I'm allowed to break off a few stalks. Otherwise...I probably should ask... but I just know I wont! :(

(Don't get the wrong idea... I won't be raiding peoples beautiful flowers! I'll just be nicking a little tiny leafy stalk here and there)

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