Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Potted seedlings, making do.

One of the advantages of being a large consumer of hot drinks is that when I have need of some milk bottles to cut into pots for some tree seedlings I find... I can go to our recycling bin (which gets emptied weekly) and pull out 6 2-litre milk bottles quite easily.

Did I tell you I love budgeting? Mum was sick the other day and sent me out with $60 cash to buy the entire weeks groceries. BLISS.  I came back with $10 change! I even decided to bake biscuits that week instead of buying them. Fun, I tell you, it's FUN.

And I've reached a little milestone in my business. Business? I hear you cry? Didn't you give up your business , like, 5 times now? Well, yes I did pretty much, but I kept my GST payments going and kept selling a few stickers on Trade  Me here and there, and kept my website going.... but basically I've been on holiday for 9 months! Well, anyway, a couple of biggish jobs came in and they paid quite well. And they came through word of mouth, and that encouraged me a wee bit, so I decided I might try this word of mouth thing instead of  just advertising... and well, long story short, the mile stone IS... that I've finally been able to pay myself a small wage for the first time in 5 years! I'd feel like a real adult if I could support myself one day, but still...this is quite an achievement for me really.

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