Friday, October 21, 2011

The Spring has sprung

The grass has riz
the boid is on the wing.
The boid is on the wing?
But that's obsoid!
The wing is on the boid!

Check out the compost bins my Dad built! All made by him, in brick and corrogated tin. Spring is here and it's time to get gardening!And check out the view from my Uncle's bach in Tarawera. We stayed there 4 days. My uncle came up on the last day and gave us a little history tour.

See this little lean-to? (little hut). Well, before they built the bach, my grandma and granddad would sleep in there, and my mum, aunty and uncle would sleep outside on mattresses under blankets and oil-skins! My Uncle (who is now 65) said he didn't know why they put him on the outside, because he was the littlest and right next to the big black bush.
They used to drive there, and when they arrived the kids would be waiting in the back of the Chevy while my Granddad hacked a path through the bush to get there!
The bach they actually have there now was my Uncles first apprenticeship. (My Granddad was a builder and my uncle followed in his footsteps.) My uncle said the ground was volcanic ash and my granddad dug out the gravel by hand with a shovel. I asked if they'd used an architect and he said no, Granddad and his parents had drawn up the plans themselves! That's pretty cool for having no higher education. 

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