Friday, September 2, 2011

The Haka

Well, the Rugby World Cup is coming to NZ and it's getting exciting. Driving around you see flags on cars everywhere... especially the Tongan flag for some reason, including one car where they were sitting at the lights holding the flag out the window with their hand lol.
Well, here's some Kiwi-pride... the New Zealand All Black Haka. We start this at the beginning of every Test match (international matches). It's a Maori war dance. We've been doing since the early1900's I think. Don't quote me on that... but for a while anyhow. Some people think it has violent connotations.... well go take a jump! We're not actually gonna kill you. We're gonna play rugby. (We may be slaughtering you on the score board...but that's another story)


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Mark said...

I LOVE THAT!!! That was awesome. If I was the other team, I'd be a little worried about playing those crazy guys, lol. Awesome.