Monday, September 26, 2011


These photos don't do the atmosphere of the World Cup justice. In fact, these photos are so poor I've taken the liberty of circling the things I'm trying to show you. "Things" being FLAGS. Flags, flags, everywhere flags. And we are a good 40 minutes from the stadium, but they are on every other car. I wish I could have got some of the funny ones, like massive flags on poles stuck to the back of cars, or flags taped all over the sides of cars, but it's a bit dangerous taking photos while you drive... not that I didn't try though. 
My car also sports a wee flag... All Blacks of course...

And on a completely rugby-free topic... baking! Looky at what Catherine made tonight... no recipe! She's been doing that alot lately and I've decided to let her go for and just clean up the mess afterwards. "NO FEELING SORRY FOR YOURSELF", yup, that is my new moto... it works pretty well.

 And these are some cupcakes I made on Saturday. I saw the tutorial on You Tube, and I was gunning to give it a go!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome icing swirls, Janet! You're a natural. - Dana