Wednesday, May 25, 2011

prettiest picture in the world!

Including pictures like this doesnt make my blog the prettiest in the world, but this is a pretty nice sight for me. I totally butchered the cupboard, but I don't care! I tell you, after moving the hinge for the third time, drilling my final holes (after which we were going to have to call in the experts), I said a little prayer and when that cupboard swung into place I literally started singing the hallelujah chorus.

Door two tommorrow, because yes, Catherine swung on both of them on separate occassions and broke both of them off.

As for our trip to Paengaroa on the weekend it was awesome. Catherine struck it off quite well with a little girl her own age and country life is great man. Everyone knows everyone and at the party, boy, the old folk had a tale or two to tell. Makes you feel pretty lucky to hear stories of husbands dying and leaving wives with six kids to raise on their own. "But she kept her pecker up and got on with it"... they said.


dcpeg said...

Hmm - I didn't know a woman had a pecker. Congratulations on the hinges - it's not easy to get them to cooperate with each other!

Janney said...

Pecker... as in chin? (I had to google that just in case and it came up with "poor white person"!...
I guess its another kiwi colloqualism, meaning keep a good attitude, (stiff upper lip and all that :)