Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cousins baby

Well, my cousin had her baby girl on Wednesday. I've had these pattern pieces cut out and ready to sew for 5 months now, so the kid this was for has probably grown out of it... so off to my cousin it goes! I also added a bit of tatting to the collar. Hope she doesn't mind retro! I enjoy giving stuff away.The stuff I make myself doesnt make me happy... giving it away does! In a pretty good mood today. I read a cool blog on frugality. I LOVE being frugal! It really inspired me, so today I put some stewing beef in the slow cooker with veges and herbs from our garden... I made some hokey pokey biscuits and an apple crumble for pudding... and I made this dress. And dont you think something handmade can be much more special than something bought?

Oh yeah. Catherine made herself a robot costume for next weeks drama lesson. "Robots Revenge" its called.


dcpeg said...

That's a darling dress! I particularly like the tatting detail at the neck - very clever. I know your cousin will love it. Hope you get to see her baby soon.

Janney said...

Thanks :) She had a ceasarian so shes still a bit sore I hear. Bit tricky when she already has a toddler to look after too!