Friday, April 29, 2011


Just come back from a late Easter up at the bach. Finished off the jumper I was making, took a walk to the park, made hot cross buns, had an easter egg hunt, and watched the Royal wedding of Will and Kate on our crackly old tv set.

Did I ever mention these trees at the Stillwater park. They are Oak trees. My Dad planted them way back. He was a bit of a greeny and was really into planting trees where ever he could. He said it stopped slips (amoung other things). He was also a member of the compost society. Exciting huh. I don't know what they did, but I guess it was in the 50s and 60s when everybody was pumping their soil with fertiliser. Dad was a bit ahead of the times in many ways. He also learnt the Maori language before it was the politically correct thing to do. He reckoned he was in a rugby team with predominately Moari team members, and theyd back chat the ref in Maori, and then when the ref said "what are you saying??" theyd be like "Just discussing the next move, ref".


dcpeg said...

Your Dad sounds like a cool guy! Just look at the trees he planted, probably knowing he would not see them full grown. He was, indeed a man ahead of his time.

Nice jumper/sweater, too. You truly are a gifted artist is so many media!

Mark said...

I think I would have loved your dad, way ahead of his time. Beautiful trees, great idea by him. How was the wedding?

Janney said...

Thanks Peg:) Nice of you to say :)

Janney said...

thanks Mark... the wedding was great! Enjoyed staying up and watching it with 2 billion others :)