Monday, March 28, 2011


Now, I don't know if you realise... but a wheelbarrow full of dirt is HEAVY. And I wheeled out around 10 barrel loads today.

I was just going to leave it, but after having our drains replaced, our lawnmower man recommended putting down a mound of dirt on top as it would eventually sink. My Uncle seconded that, then asked if we needed to get a man in. "What?" I said. "No way... it's todays job, I'm fine". About an hour into it and I was wondering if I could ring my uncle to see who he'd recommend.

Well I persevered... and now, after a few full weeks of manual labour I have seen a pattern.

1. Start the day with my to-do list and plenty of optimism

2. About an hour into my labour (chopping wood, weeding, hedge trimming, etc...) I am feeling thoroughly disenheartened with a monologue that goes something like: "Why do I have to do this single-handedly? No matter how hard I work I can't get on top of this $#%^ section. I work and work and it comes to nothing. And why is this so hard now? I used to be able to work and work and without having to take a break every half hour... WHERE HAS MY YOUTH GONE?? etc, etc, etc..."

3. Half way through the job I look up and realise how much I've done, and realise "hey, not bad! I've only got xxxx amount to go"

4. Finish the job. Look around. Feel great that I did that huge job "single-handedly". Show mum and take pictures for my blog.

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Mark said...

Chopping wood and hauling dirt?
Are you for hire?
The feeling of accomplishment after makes it all worth it.