Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sooo... what IS a bach?

Well... here's ours! Bach is short for bachelor... because when land was cheap as dirt, guys could have a little hut or a shack where they could go in the weekends to fish and drink beer (I suppose). Ours in true tradition is still a little shack. Now adays people have bach's that are more like mansions.

Our bach may be small but it's a true kiwi bach. Dad pretty much did the whole thing. Painted signs on the doors, a compass on the floor and the walls are covered with maps of New Zealand and posters, mainly from the 70's, which is cool-as! (excuse the colloquiolisms... that's native talk for "wonderful").

Here's a close up of one of our posters. An old Lord of the rings calender... Dad said hippies loved Lord of the rings because they thought the Ring represented the atom bomb (but the JR Tolkien was Catholic, so he was coming from a whole different angle). And the poster that scared the begeebers out of Luarna the night she stayed here. (He wants YOU).
And the little picture beside it is a magazine ad for donating blood. It starts off "Martin is a vampire..." hillarious! You always look back idillically at the past I think, and I love the 70's posters all around our bach. How did they make the posters before computers? beats me. Alot of skill and forethought probably.

Here's our little pot belly stove. I came up the other day when our South African friends were staying, making South African bread on the stove in a cast iron pot. Yummy too.

And our shed outside. I took these photos today, and the cicaders were deafening. Not complaining in any way... I 'd rather be deafened by chirping animals than listen to the traffic, planes, trains and sirens we hear around South Auckland.
Anywho.... that's us. I love our bach. We are so lucky to have it.

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dcpeg said...

Many, many thanks for showing us your bach! It looks like a great place to be loose (relaxed) (as us old hippies used to say). I hope it remains in your family and is used for many more years!