Monday, February 7, 2011


Designed another wall sticker. Just looking at it after I did it, I realised, if I'd been a bit more with it I could have had him with a jet pack on his back (I think it was even a kiwi who has just invented the first jet packs recently too). But now as I write this I realise there's nothing from stopping me going ahead and designing that too. I mean, I'm trying to go full time with my stickers, so I'm putting in the effort now.
I'm still in the process of ditching my business. There are a couple of ladies who won't pay for their business cards because they recon I did the colour wrong and want me to reprint them... but I've already paid the printer... I'll have to pay him again and make a loss.

Soooo sick of it, I feel like writing them an email saying "Sorry, I'm ditching this because people like you won't pay me for my work. Here's the file, go find your own printer and leave me alone. Good riddance."
I actually did write back to them without consulting my uncle and asked them to pay before hand and let them know I will be closing down soon and I will give them their files. I tried to be polite. I hope I was. I'm a very compliant person and usually just do what people tell me to do... but since I wont have to deal with them soon, it's given me a bit more courage.

PS. The Kiwi is our national bird. It can't fly... :)


dcpeg said...

LOVE the kiwi art -- especially the propellor.

What a bummer about people not paying for your work. You're an artist and they owe you. Maybe in the future you should get a deposit, upfront, so at least you won't lose all of your expenses.

Janney said...

Yea, couldve done that I spose.. but I'm not going to be doing it anymore so... Just going to try out wall stickers this year and see how they go :) (people will be paying before they get posted out!)

dcpeg said...

I couldn't find your email address but wanted you to know I'm thinking of you. I know you don't live in Christ Church, but I can imagine the whole country is in shock at what's been going on with weather and earthquakes. I hope you call can get back to a fairly normal state before too long. It's going to take a while, I'm afraid. Hope your family and friends are all OK. Peg

Janney said...

Thanks Peg. Everyone is chipping in and doing what they can, money, prayer, water donations, petrol donations, even businesses are giving away free supplies. Unbelievably there are still people taking advantage of the situation. Just shows how selfish some people can be.
It's still early days though. The clean up/rescue is still underway. I think the death toll is around 120 now. Hopefully it won't get much higher.
Thanks for your thoughts :)

dcpeg said...

Thanks for writing back. Glad you're OK.

As you are, I was always disappointed by those who wanted to take advantage of others' misfortunes. I worked for American Red Cross for years and still recall having to bite my tongue not to chew out some people who called us "offering help". Despicable!!