Thursday, November 4, 2010


Well, I went to the Kingsway evening last night, and sold some decals. I could be negative about it but I'm choosing not to be (I'm naturally a melancoly personality type). Here's what I've taken from the evening:

People ARE interested in wall stickers. I just need to spend some time researching and putting together some nice designs that people will actually want to put on their wall. I have some ideas too... flower designs, maybe some christmas/seasonal designs. Butterflies and fairies. And I need to take my time, possibly a week for each design so I'm not just hurridly throwing things together and hoping someone will want it. So that's the breif I wrote down for myself last night... professional, presentable wall sticker designs.
I'm going to take some photos of foilage today too, to get some ideas. May put them on my blog if I remember!
PS. Its Guy Fawks tonight... yay!!!!! I splurged and bought some decent ones this year.

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