Friday, September 10, 2010

Look what God gave me!

Take alook at this. This is a mug I designed. I scoured Etsy for what I wanted. I saw one off mugs with the colours I wanted. I saw them without handles. I saw them as shot glasses. I saw them in rounded shapes. But nothing exactly what I was after. I was planning to order what I wanted to get a craftsman to make me what I wanted, and was probably going to have to pay $20 a mug. I havn't been looking for a while though... I've been wanting these for about 3 years.

Then I sat down to look at the Trade Me website this morning, and I just thought I'd look up "6 mugs".

Take a look a the FIRST thing that popped up!
For twenty bucks! God is cool sometimes!

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Teresa said...

eGod is good ALL THE TIME!!! :O)