Sunday, September 5, 2010

Christchurch Earthquake

We finally

had the 'big one' weve been warned about for years. It was in Christchurch which is midway down the South Island. I live in Auckland, in the North Island, so I wasn't effected. We had a sharing time at church. Some people had relatives but everyone was ok. My pastor with dubious humour laughed as he told us one of his relatives went outside to have a look after the earthquake and broke her hip!

Watching the news theyre were alot of miraculous escapes. I think only 2 people died, and if it had hit during the day, instead of the night the death toll would have been way worse. Also the fault line ran through a lowly populated area.

Typical kiwis, everyone seems to be taking it ok. Although on tonight's news families seem to be bunking together with the scared kids. But only two fatalities... the stink bit seems to be all the beautiful old Christchurch buildings which have been destroyed. Apart from that everyone seems to be pulling together. My friend Julia at church was laughing at the news bulliten trying to dramatise "LOOTING"... which turned out to be, a couple of guys threw a rock through a window.

NOTE: my mistake... turns out no-one died in the earthquake... which is good news indeed!


dcpeg said...

I thought about you when I heard about the quake. Glad you were not affected! Still, it's so sad to think aboug so many people who lost everything. My home is my haven and losing it, I think I'd go crazy. But, then again, that doesn't solve anything. Glad the Kiwis are strong folk with a healthy sense of humor! That always helps.

Mark said...

Yes, I too thought of you when I heard the news, since you're the only one from New Zealand that I know and so glad to hear you were not injured.

Janney said...

yup... all fine here. Our thougths are with the people of Christchurch though...