Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I got to drive out to Maraetai again today to see a client. So on my way home I randomed jumped out of my car and took some photos because it was originally my aim to show how beautiful ol' NZ is. Unfortunately I suck at taking photos, so the last one I included was Maraetai beach found off the internet...

Let me just add, wherever you are in New Zealand, you are never more than
a 20 min drive from the beach. And if you ever come to New Zealand you'll be asked about a billion times "so... what do you think of our country?", don't know why we're so interested... but I know its the first question I ask. Think of something really original and you'll be loved. In fact, if an tourist said "The most unusual thing is that I've never been asked so many times what I think of a country" it would just tickle me pink with laughter. It would be sooo kiwi.
I'd tell everyone.
PS. HERE is a link to my blog post for the next Craft Revolution.


Mark said...

First of all, you don't suck at taking photos. They're great and it does look like a beautiful country. I would love to see more.
My wife has been telling me alot lately that she wants to visit NZ.
It's such a long plane ride though.
Someday, we will.
What would be the best month to visit?

Janney said...

Um, well the weather can be pretty unpredictable, but alot of ppl say around February/March is best. Most of us (kiwis) take around a 3 week break at Christmas, but some ppl save their holidays for February for the better weather. Christmas is the middle of our Summer. If you want to go skiing though, we have some beautiful mountian ranges. Best to go around July/August for that. But our country is lovely in summer. You'll do alot of driving to see it all, but the car ride is wonderful with all the scenery on the way down. :) and like I said, heaps of beaches!