Sunday, August 29, 2010

Another Craft Revolution last Saturday

... I've packaged all my decals and put the price up to $10ea. I also made a laminated booklet of my wall decals.

As an aside, I painted over a few scratches on the side of my van, but when I took the masking paper off , it left a big greyish rectangle on the side of my van and I panicked and grabbed the spray can and tried to cover it and the paint sagged and ran. It's the same thing as when I dying my eyebrows before I've plucked them... half an hour later I'm looking like a circus clown and I panic and rush to the mirror and frantically pluck or wax with a racing heart. If I just slowed down and didn't PANIC, I could have even eyebrows and a good paint job on my car!

PS. It looks ok in the twighlight... i guess it doesn't look any worse now than when it had a big strip of vinyl covering the scratch . Just need to learn to take my time...

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