Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dolly Donations - Haiti orphanage...

I made a dolly! There is a blog that colects handmade dollies for children in need, the latest being an orphanage in Haiti. The link is here.
Hopefully I will make more, because I've discovered... I really like making dollies! In fact, when I first saw the website I woke up every hour during the night with thoughts of dolly-construction going through my mind.
The website has a free dolly pattern, which is what I used, but this is actually the boy-body pattern, and I made a dress for it (the girl dollies had the dress shape as part of the body... I thought this would be more fun).
So anyway, now I've made my first dolly I have the right to add to dolly button (to right) to my blog, and I will be sending them the pattern for the dress to put on thier blog. I've just realised they actually need more boy dollies than girls, so I may also make a jump-suit pattern.
Oh yeah, and I made her a little bag to put a letter in, and probably a page from the Haiti Bible I found on the net.

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