Saturday, May 8, 2010

Why I'm not into politics

It got me thinking after coming across this blog - very passionate and very articulate strongly opposing Obabma and the health reforms. How interesting, thought I. Mainly because, not usually being very interested, the only other commentary I ever get on the subject apart from New Zealand media, is on this blog (Mark!). Two sides of the coin, both passionate, both with good points to make, and both completely opposite.

Well, to cut it short, I have this view; there is no political system or theory that cannot be corrupted by human nature. Although not well read, I did look up a Wiki on Marxism. Great theory! Too bad for the atrocities and and corruption that was Communism. Too far right, we get homelessness and beggers. Too far left we get welfare dependence (and at worst, communism).

I actually enjoy the fact that NZ politics swings from centre left to centre right quite regularly. Quite a safe place to be.


Mark said...

For someone who is not into politics, you make quite a few good points.

Janney said...

Thanks Mark. My Dad was into politics, so I know a little... my Dad was strongly left wing so I've kind of been indoctrinated since birth! but I've have become more on the fence now adays.