Saturday, March 6, 2010


When I was so sick I was hallucinating I lost my faith. For a short while I felt like I was in a jungle of animalistic people, that the law of the jungle reigned and evolution was proved true because "dog" was "God" spelt backwards.( I know you don't have to be insane to believe in evolution, but you do on that line of reasoning!!!)
Once I was stabalised and on medication, I recovered my faith, but was furious at God. "What if I'd DIED during my hallucinations?" I thought "I would have sunk straight to hell!" As if it all depended on my ability to muster up "faith". Little did I understand then that God has it all under control. Yes "We are justified through faith" (Romans 5:1) but it is God himself who imparts the faith in the first place! As it says in Romans 3:12 "Measure yourselves according to the faith God has GIVEN you".
And as my friend Dr John says, have faith in God, not faith in faith!!

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