Sunday, March 14, 2010

the datsun continues...

NOTE: I know the carpet is all bunched up... I'm still putting it in... this is what I've done today.

Well, I spent all day working on my Datsun. Yep, it still exists and I've decided it's time to get as much done before winter as I can.

As usual, I have limited funds, so I'm using up the stuff I have already aquired.
What have I done recently? Well, I'm in the process of painting the cover for the air filter.. and probably the cover of the engine itself.. can't remember what it's actually called... the part that covers the valves.. it's rusty. Gonna splash out and buy some undercoat and light blue spray paint tomorrow.
Also going to buy some vinyl dye too, because I'm going ahead and painting the interior black now and the one can I bought doesn't go that far, but does a great job... check out the cover for the gear stick.. or what ever you call that thing in automatic cars... I'm really in the know aye... I'm such a girl... "gear stick thingy".
I attempted to put the carpet in. Didn't really think long and hard about the process, just went ahead and cut, and now the two pieces of carpet don't meet in the middle. Well, the seats will cover that bit and I have enough to patch it. A bit shoddy, but it'll do. I'm hoping the overall effect will be ok. I'm doing this up with a girl in mind. I know guys are super touchy when it comes to this kind of stuff.
Anywho...hopefully I'll have more to post tomorrow.
Once all the interior is done, I'm gonna start saving to get the engine reconditioned. Then a paint job. Lastly bumpers... and send it off to the mechanic... might need a new radiator too.

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