Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Why winge?

It's funny how my header says "Precious, Pecular , , Purposeful". I've been meaning to change it something else. Most appropriate would be winge, wine and complain.... but I'm not brave enough. Maybe I'll just try and live up to my grand aspirations and come up with something really.... inspirational! yeah!
ok. I'm dreaming. I just want to say... the reason I tend to complain knowing there are people worse off than me is this: i believe that God doesn't compair me with others! I'm unique. Placed in a unique situation in a unique time and space. For a unique purpose! Yup. I've finally come to believe that as a truth. I know. Still doesn't really justify complaining though. Some things should be left between me and God... but you know.. the computer is right there... it beckons my name... "come on Janet... just one little winge... you're not hurting anyone..." But I know. Apart from being a poisoness past time it makes me look dumb. Something I'll have to work on this year ....

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