Monday, February 22, 2010

who are we and why do we blog?

I have to wonder. If the people who know me read my blog, would they be surprised? And the people who read my blog, (long list that it is), met me, would THEY be suprised?
It's funny how life on the other side of the world can seem so attractive, through a series of beautiful photographs. I let myself get into fantasy land last year. I followed a few blogs religiously including the blog of a girl who makes leather bags for a living. What a dream life! I thought to myself. The beautifully lit pictures with uniform white backgrounds confirmed it.
Then, earlier this year she added a post. In it she revealed that she had a rare eye condition. So rare you had more chances of winning lotto than contraction this desease. And so serious she has the risk of going blind.
Wow! What was I thinking? Of course life over the other side of the world is no different there than here. (Having never travelled I guess I'm a bit ignorant). "In this life you will have trouble" states Jesus.
I guess it was pretty dumb. Like believing the carefully presented pictures in the glossy magazines or getting engrossed in a soap opera. Maybe because she was real and I couldn't hear the accent? Who knows?
Anyway. I have no clever statement to end with. I will end with the words of Jesus.
"... but take courage! I have defeated the world!"

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Mark said...

Interesting post ,you raise a lot of great questions. I guess we really dont know the whole story of our fellow bloggers, but it's a very interesting world.