Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Here we come

Hippi-dom ... here we come! Two more sleeps till the Auckland Folk Festival! I can here my Mum nagging from the other room as I write this .... 3 days of freedom! (I'm preparing myself not to spaz-out when I get home to nags-ville... )
Hey... I'm sounding hippy already... "Hippidom and nagsville"... like cool. Can't wait to veg... I'm coming to terms with being a parent (umm yeah... she's F IVE) and I may just spent alot of time sitting and crotcheting. Well see...
And I'm sorted with food this year.. I'm sorting out pre-cut veges into plastic bags. Viola! instant stir fry.
I realised that *he* made me feel guilty about everything...guilty about having friends, going ANYWHERE, breathing and swallowing (I'm not being funny, he thought I was having guilty thoughts when I swallowed) and just basically being me.
Well now I've pinpointed why I havn't been able to enjoy alot of things....um..... now I can!
Folk Festival... HERE WE COME!

PS. not sure how to spell "Viola" .. I googled it but it came up with the instrument...

PPS> hope that wasnt counted as a winge and a moan coz then I've broken my new years resolution already! no... I was just saying....! (?)

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