Friday, December 25, 2009

Boxing Day

Well, our church christmas 'experience' went well. I played with my little band for 2 evenings, and my painted figures went up... against a manky old wall! haha... but no-one really cared. Everyone had fun and enjoyed the build up to the big day.

Christmas day was us nice and quiet. Just how I l ike it, and now, on Boxing day I've spent a lazy day in the sun working on my Datsun. Sorry... that should be "working" on my Datsun. Funny how the things that don't come naturally are the things that give you the most pride. Like me and bogging. Any tiny bit of bogging I do just makes me feel so good. Like "Yes! I DID do that thankyou very much".
Janet Dick, the master craftsman. Greasemonkey Janet. Yes thats me... as good as the pro's... don't wake me yet mum.. 5 more minutes....

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