Sunday, October 18, 2009

Well, here's a few pics for today. My garden is co ming along... it's all just seedlings at the moment so still looks bare with a few random cabbages and some daises that self-seed now.
And that one of me? thats me in my hidey-hole... in the Datsun with the cover on! and no-one knows where I am heehee. Nah. I give myself some time out every day. It's ok to rest.. that's something I learnt lately and really took it to heart!

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Luarna said...

Hardeharhar! I love the picture of you in the Datsun! Fantastic. I think every Mum (and Dad) needs a hidey hole that they can get away to and have some QT. Sometimes i wish i had one at work. A place where i could go to and become suddenly invisible.