Monday, October 19, 2009

Sometimes we do struggle...

Here's another song I wrote. We practice it in our little church band. Don't know if we'll ever end up performing it though. Maybe not "worshipful" enough. Well, I did write it right after a harrowing 7 years. I'm alot more optimistic now.


IT'S AN EASY CHOICE - (Tune: Little fishies on a dishy)

Vs 1.
Sometimes we do struggle,

sometimes we do fall
Sometimes we do wonder “What's behind it all?”
We’re all learning lessons,
sometimes it seems tough
But our bible tells us God has grace enough


Listening to his spirit,

following his ways
Helps us through the trouble,
gets us through the days
Walking in his footsteps,
following his voice
A comfort when we need it,
it’s an easy choice

Vs. 2

Learning lessons is the hardest part of life

Wishing we could skip the sorrow, grief and strife.
Looking downwards we see madness everywhere
Looking upwards drives away all the despair


Vs. 3
Sometimes we go the long way,

always looking back
But we should know that there’s a far more simpler track
Forget what is behind you,
always moving on
Make Jesus the foundation you build your life on.


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