Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I've been on a money-fast the last week or so, and I'm really enjoying it. Funny how sometimes having "less" can bring "more". I talk alot about scrimping and saving, but somehow never truely live up to it. Well, after having a look at a budget of a friend of mine, I sat down and did a similar one myself. I have one already, but this time I included every little thing I need/want and splurge on and it turns out after saving up for a flat (which is also less than I thought) I have $30 left at the end of the week to save up for 1. My Van stuff 2. My Datsun 3. A pair of glasses 4. A new overlocker 5. A holiday 6. Art supplies 7. The dentist 8. Clothes.
That's $30 each week total.
So it looks like I won't be painting my Datsun until next Christmas. But that's ok - at least now I'm staring reality right in the face, and it's ok! And a holiday? Why not $12 a night at the Piha camping ground? That would still be cool-as! Maybe my art will pay for itself (if I sell any) and I really have my heart set on a new overlocker so most of my money will probably go towards that.
And to prove I'm living up to my word - I havn't gone out and bought new batteries for my camera, I'm waiting till Teresa brings my last pair over, so, no photo sorry!

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