Thursday, October 1, 2009


...of sorts. I have 3 whole days to myself as Catherine is kindly being looked after by a friend. I have made a dress and 6 hankies for Catherine, and a dress for a two year old at church. Also a celtic cross stitch key ring for Teresa (as a "thankyou for my break") and hopefully another dress and maybe some hats for the 2 year old tommorrow. Sadly I can't take photo's because the last of my rechargeable batteries have been "misplaced"... don't make me go there coz my anger management will go straight out the window. Speaking of which. I went to my evening church Pastor to get help with my afore mentioned issue... and I learnt a couple of useful things. If I get time I will do a little illustration of some of the things I learnt from Pastor Mike... it was quite helpful.

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