Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hippo How-to PART TWO

Here is how to make my hippo. (/ bear/could also be a dinosaur)... someone (:P) has said he looks like George off Rainbow.. so hence I have named this one 'George'. Pattern is here. Part one is here

5. After sewing both sides to middle strip, sew the two side pieces part way together, turn inside out and stuff. Then sew completely together.

6. Voila! (Walla?) I seemed to have sewed him up unevenly, but decided this added to his charm!

7. Sew on arms and legs. When embroidering the face, I like to stick in a few pins to get an idea of what will look best. I also like my hippo to sit up by itself, so I stick a few pins into the legs to make sure he will sit before I sew them on.
This is a very rough guide, and assumes you know how to hand stitch.


Luarna said...

Hello George. we meet agian. He is a very cool critter. Did you make up the pattern? Sorry I haven't blogged altely. Will make anothe reffort this week sometime. Not sure what to blog on.

Janney said...

Hi! Yes... I made the pattern up last friday night, trying to think up a way to use up little scraps of material. I have ideas for others, don't know if theyll c ome to fruition though...