Thursday, September 17, 2009

Delicously morbid

I wrote a song! It's based on one of my favourite Psalms. One of the most delicously morbid parts of the bible. I don't know if it was originally intended that way, but some things I still have a taste for and like to interperet a certain way...

here goes.. its got no name yet..

verse 1.
Flowers that fade in the dawn, the dawn
And from the dust we are formed , are formed
The ground remembers no more, no more
the heroes that triumphed before, before

His love everlasting from year, to year
It resonates over despair, despair
His love everlasting from age to age
It resonates on every page yes page

Verse 2
The Lord is compassionate, gracious and kind
Turn to him now and then you will find
That he loves you so much that he gave up his Son
He chose you to love, yes you are the one


I recorded a little clip of me singing it, but I'm not very good. Maybe if I practice it a bit more I'll be brave enough to put it up.


Mark said...

Be brave! I want to hear it. It sounds like it will be a good song.

Janney said...

lol. ok... once I recharge my camera :)