Friday, August 14, 2009

Todays work - Saturday

Bought a bird feeder today! I was sposed to make one, but it's been around 10 years since I said that and so when I saw one in the garden centre for $21 I thought I'd stop fooling myself and bought it.
Done a spot of gardening too. The cabbages I bragged about were tiny little balls of mush. Probably because I just left them for about 3 months! I'm not that realiable any more, but I'm trying to relearn the things I knew when I was ten. (Like.. don't wait till you "feel" like doing something... just do it!)
Spring is coming around the corner, so I'm preparing the bed for seedlings. I'm thinking of planting a whole lot of flowers... which Dad would never have done... but I guess I can do what I like now.. and I'm kidding myself every time a plant veges... 80% get chucked out!

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Hayden Read said...

Hi Janet.
I've been thinking about getting a Bird Feeder myself, however my biggest dilema has been trying to decide where to put it if I get it.

Has the bird feeder been successful at attracting birds?