Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My day, my life...

Geeze... talk about moody. Today I slept in till 11.00 with a hot water bottle coz I just couldn't face the day. I think it was coz yesterday I read a book called "his brain, her brain", a christian book for married couples and I was like "I have nobody to support me!" boo hoo for me... and then I knew I had to see a client today to measure her car and I dragged myself out of bed and read word for today which was along the lines of Strengthen the weak hands and make strong the feeble knees.. and I took a bit of courage and then the phone rang and it was a customer ordering a couple of signs from me (that was significant, because according to the book women have a deep need for financial security.. and I need to look to God for that) and then I was off, and I arrived and she kind of perked me up by the time I left and then I was fine.
I yelled at Catherine alot though, coz I was like, I don't have the strength to be super mum today.
The drip is a design for a magnet by the way. The cars coming in next week . That'll be a bit more money in the bank account too.


Mark said...

You can't be super mum everyday. Tomorrows another day.
The magnet looks great!

Janney said...

Thanks :)