Monday, August 3, 2009

Looks great!

I just realised how negative I can be. I expect my clients to give me huge praise.. and when I get a "thats fantasitic.. thanks" I interpret it as a "that's not terrible". If I get a "thanks" its a "below average but thanks" and if I get a "can you change it a bit" its a "you're USELESS".
Today I got a "looks great"... I think I'll try to take that at face value...


Luarna said...

Your garage looks great. I'm very impressed. I sometimes have a hard time believeing that people say what they mean and that i need to believe them when they say something. If they didn't mean it they wouldn't have said it and if they mean something else then it's up to them to say it like it is.
I have been busy beading lots. I'll post a picture in the weekend when i get time with the computer and lots fo time to figure out how to do it again. Last tiem it took me an hour to only load one photo and even tehn i had to ask for help. Oh and i'm going to market on saturday in silverdale. If your around you could come and see me.

Janney said...

Hey.. yeah if I can wake up in time! I don't know how I'm going to manage waking up early every day when Catherine goes to school... I feel really groggy until I 've had at least 3 cups of tea... and like REALLY grumpy and unhappy.
Here's a guide to uploading. You click on the little Picture icon (hover your mouse over the pictures to find out what each one does)... click on browse... and find your photo on your computer. It's easier if you already have you photos organised on your computer so you can find them fast.
Hope that helps... can't wait to see them!