Monday, August 24, 2009

Ah! epiphanies at the bach

You know... maybe I'm allowed to be happy. Maybe it's my life and I can cruise off to our bach and enjoy stillness if I want to. Maybe I don't have to enjoy playgroup with chattering children (and parents) if I don't want to. Maybe it's ok I enjoy silence and the sound of my own thoughts the best... maybe God made me that way... and maybe it's ok. Maybe I don't have to smile insipidly at the guy in the diary to show Christian "love" like a total friutloop and maybe I don't have to give up my dignity because I think it may be pride. Maybe I can be friendly in my own way... maybe I can have friends yet still have my own life! (I can't understand the way some people live in each others pockets... maybe thats them... and this is me?)


Mark said...

I think it is ok. All your statements hit home, especially the first 2.
Playgroup, oh, I remember those days!
Yeah, I definately think it's ok.

Luarna said...

AMEN! AMEN AMEN!!!!! You've cracked it! I'm so excited. That sounds just like how your ment to live your life. Dont try and be anyone else. just be you. I like you, I like you just like you are. You show Gods love through the qualitry oof your frindsshiops and the peasceful way you ahve about you. You are loving by teh kind words you have when you do want to talk. Be yourself. Our world needs more quiet thinkery people. If we didn't have people like you life and the community in general woudl get very out of balance. Love you heaps. Lumpy Rhubarb