Tuesday, July 14, 2009

ode to my dad

It makes a difference having a good Dad. This is a plaque Dad got at a christmas work-do once. They siad.. this goes to a man, who if he found 5 cents outside his office would put a sign on his door saying "found 5 cents, would the owner contact me". It says "halo Award - in recognition of his honesty and inteegrety". It hangs beside my bed.
He gave me the belief I could do anyting - so I learnt a trade - signwriting ! S ome of those guys were hard-core, and I remember at one place I had a female work-mate who said to me "I think the guys here are sexist. They wouldn't even let me in the workshop until you came along"! haha! That's one of those unintentional compliments you never forget. I didn't see them as sexist though. I was hired as a kind of office girl - but every chance I got I was out in the workshop learning as much as I could. I don't think I would have had the confidence to be around men if it wasn't for the huge respect I had for my dad. I miss Dad. He's in heaven and I look forward to seeing him again.

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Mark said...

your dad sounds like he was a special guy. What a nice tribute you posted. I'm sure he's smiling.