Friday, July 24, 2009

The gospel gets on Oprah

You know, it seems God will use us to glorify himself whether we live right, or fail big time. On Oprah, whe interviewed this US pastor who pastered a big church - but had a homosexual affair. But in his own words - he's glad hes "off the pedistal now".
We are all only human -and God took this guy and used his (devastating) failure to get him on Oprah and give the truth.
To paraphrase him "Heterosexual marriage is the ideal we aim for, just like in an ideal world there would be no divorce. But there is. God takes us as we are, and changes us day by day to become better people". (Emphasis on the last sentence!)
And God took this guys sin - and because he offered it up - God used him to speak truth to a western society who seem to "gather around them teachers who tell them what their ears are itching to hear" (2 Tim 4:3).
Hmmm... maybe falling gives him the right to speak about it.

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