Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I've wondered in the past, what the relevance of calling God "good" is - if God's goodness is not something we as humans can understand.. well, something I as a human can understand anyway. I mean - what's the point when things we think are good are things God thinks are bad and vice versa. (Quick example, maybe, when God brings bad things into our lives to bring about godly character, and we think they're bad, but God is using them for good, but from our perspective... we just can't understand!!!). So I've been keeping an eye and an ear out lately for the "goodness of God", in terms that I CAN understand.
Well, I've found a few lately. One was on a cops show on tv - where they picked up a youth pastor. He was walking on the motorway. He was Canadian and didn't realise it was illegal. Now, either he was a fraudster and acting trustworthy for unknown dishonest motives (which is what Catherine's Dad would think), or I just saw the living God expressing himself through a human being... because he seemed so polite, considerate and genuinely "good"... ( that's good on the Janet-can-comprehend-it scale).
I also remember, while in the throws of schizophrenia, going on in my normal internal monologue of "how vile, evil, violent and marred the world is" monologue, looking down and breifly realising that I was actually sitting in the sun eating strawberries, and if I thought about it I'd have to admit that right at that moment my life was pretty good and most of my problems were all in my head... (a thought I quickly dismissed in a huff!).
Well... I'm keeping my eyes peeled now anyway. I want to know the goodness of God, in way I can understand and believe. See ya.

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