Monday, July 6, 2009

Enjoy it!

I guess saying I don't enjoy making decals is not the best promotional use of a blog for me promoting my decals... I guess it's just a case of enjoying your hobbies more... but I have to say - I AM enjoying making decals for this little vespa from an Etsy customer.... and I'm stoked!! I originally had postage at $54 NZ dollars to get to the US... who's gonna pay that??? once I looked into it a bit more I got it down to $11... now that's reasonable... phew!


Luarna said...

i hope your going to charge the price of the postage.

Janney said...

Yep. $11 is actually what it costs when you roll it in a tube... I had it packaged in a big box when I got my original quote for postage... never posted anything overseas before, so I didn't realise it was going to make such a HUGE difference!