Saturday, July 11, 2009

Christian platitudes

Hi Mark. I don't know what to say to that. I could give a whole lot of christian platitudes, but they probably wouldn't help much. Here's 2 things that give me a bit of comfort:

1. God is just. He will set it all straight in the end
2. God heals the broken hearted.

That doesn't really answer (to me) why it has to happen in the first place though. The church would say that sin is in the world and we have free choice and we-are-not-robots so God lets us hurt each other, because without free choice we could never truely "love". That's the stock answer. I guess it's true but doesn't really comfort me that much. One thing I do believe is that it's a fallen world. This is not what God intended and 'the whole world groans in anticipation" of being set free from God's curse. And also life is short, and one day it will be better - '"good" - on and on into eternity. I hope.