Monday, June 29, 2009

My etsy niche

I think I found my niche (how ya spell that?). Wall decals... possibly even Christian wall decals.... I actually don't enjoy making decals that much though... I'd rather be a crochet designer, or card maker, or... actually, I think I want to be a proffessional HOUSE WIFE! that would rock. but they don't exist. so anyway. Oh they do, but you need a husband so.... ANYWAY. I just realised that there are alot of creative people out there, but what's my point of difference? well ( I thought), not everyone has a $3000 vinyl plotter at home... so that's my point of difference, and maybe I'll leave my crafts for hobbies. (Yeah right! knowing me there will be hand-made cards in my etsy shop next week... I'm so fad-dy).

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