Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What is my calling?

Hey. I actually typed into Google: What is my calling? and got an answer!:

"So how does one determine what one's calling is? First we have to discuss that there are general callings and specific callings. General callings are for all Christians such as to worship God, be a good witness, and transform culture. But God has given everyone specific callings - callings personalized just for you.
God has given you three main things to figure out what your calling is.
#1. Gifts#2. Talents#3. Resources
It can be put this way: Gifts + Talents + Resources = One of Your Callings."

"God is telling you what your calling is by these three things. You can't wait for God to tell you what your calling is, because he's already telling you what it is through your gifts, talents and resources. That would be like waiting for God to tell you the answer when it's already right in front of you. You ask, its there, you wait, its still there, you question why you haven't received any direction from God - it's been there the whole time. To 'hear' God, you must determine your God given gifts, talents and resources."

You can find the full article here:

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