Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My little monkey.

I got this pattern from the Etsy website. Isn't he adorable. I've made it for a baby shower, but I may not be able to go now, due to unforseen circumstances... (I'm performing with my little band, New Zild at a camp in Ngarawahia, they changed our time).. anywho... so I'm posting it early. I think I'll be making more of these. They're so cute! I made the mistake of letting Catherine hold him, and she swung him by the tail and stretched it! Oh well.

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Luarna said...

He is a beautiful Monkey! I'm impressed. A band huh? wel wel wel. you must be quite confident on the old Mandolin now. Goo on you. So some batch time must eb on the cards now. I'm starting to think i need to glue you down for some serious crocheting adn quality time. Have an awesome day.
Love you