Friday, May 8, 2009

$5 a Day

I've half come up with this theory that me and Catherine (Catherine and I) can have an amazing time on less than $5 a day. It was all so obvious when I was a kid, but I feel like I'm having to relearn things I knew when I was ten. Like I've really been spending money to compensate for being miserable and grumpy... but my parents didn't splash out on me all the time, and I had an amazing childhood. And I'm sure Catherine would have a better time if I spent less money and just practiced being happy.. (In fact, sometimes she'll actually say to me "Be happy Mum!")
So I've started a list and hope to add to it as I get inspired.
Here's what I've got so far:

Having a blast on less than $5 a day:

-Bake a cake, biscuits, fudge, pancakes etc...
-Weed the garden, collect seeds, plant seeds
- Buy $1 bag of bread and feed the ducks at the pond
- Go for a walk in gumboots and raincoat
- Show Catherine how to make a sign, out of materials I already have
- Read her a story
- $2 shop toys
- Draw with chalk on the pavement (I used to LOVE that!!)
- Blow bubbles
- Make a hut in the lounge
- Playdough
- Painting
- Wash the car (great game hee hee)

and here's a list for me coz I'm selfish and want a list too:

-Sewing (not always cheap unless I use what I already have)
-Knitting and crochet (not always cheap)
- Gardening
- Go to the bach (excluding petrol)
- Read. Study. Quiet time
- Excercise
- Practice the mandolin or bodrhan
- Learn a song by heart
- Clean the house
- Do beauty stuff (legs, eyebrows, nice hot bath etc...)
- Enjoy the moments

So $5 a day. That's $35 a week or less on top of my basic needs. I want to develope this idea and see how it goes.

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Luarna said...

Great idea!
I'm impressed. Thats quite a list. Let me know how it goes. Sounds like fun.