Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Datsun Cover

I finished making a cover for my Datsun today. It's made out of the tarpaulin I bought that was part of a car port. The carport blew down in a month, so I'm glad I've been able to get some more use out of it. It's secured at the bottom with elastic. Not the prettiest, but it should do the trick. The guy who sold me the Datsun (Rob) has been given me automotive lessens, and from the info he gave me I was able to realise my Toyota needed Coolant (the water had gone brown), so I asked around, googled and YouTubed, and then flushed the old water out of the radiator and refilled with coolant. I'm really keen to learn more, but I realise there's so many things I'm trying to learn that in themselves take a lifetime:
Knitting and crochet, pattern drafting, web design, gardening, and now automechanics. In fact, I'm sure there's a few others I've forgotten. It's kind of ridiculous and probably a big waste of time, but I can't help get infatuated with different topics so I can't stop. I'm totally a "Mr Toad of Toad Hall" ie. one infatuation after another.
Lucky for me I've just learnt a valuable lesson which I hope will pay off in the end. Live your daily life, and just offer it up to God for Him to use. Washing the dishes. Doing the vaccuming. Making dinner. And for me... studying some random topic which I'll get bored with tomorrow.

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Luarna said...

Hey ther Mr Toad! I love that you so Mr Today (awesome pun) these infatuations are fantastic. I'm the same i have got, are you ready for it?
An almost finished latchhook project that i got bored of, adn there is only 3 more rows to go.
3 half finished crochet blankets.
1 half finished weding cushion.
1 velvet jacket half done.
1 painting unfinished
2 not finished letters
1 unfinished dressup
a very unfinished garden
a book of almost untouched crosswords because i got sick of them and probably so many other thigns to. but it's all. god at least i know when ever the mood strikes for latchhooking i have something i can do!
You toadally rock!