Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Social Phobia

Of all my morbid fears and woes
A living nightmare dressed in prose
Reflectied in the face I chose
They lie in ambush as I dose.

In ceaseless discontent I lie
The past and it's sweet by and by
Holy calling, ceaseless fright
Unordered sounds all through the night.

Love a wedding? What's with that?
Hideous laughter like a tortured cat.
Thoughts abound, soon will congeal
Compacted itno a bite-sized meal.

What's the matter? Why the waiste?
Tears fall down on an aging face.
Never laughing? Never mind.
I'm rejecting my own kind.

Terror, terror, discontent
Never ending, heaven sent.

Janet Dick

(Interesting what you come up with late at night, insnt it?)


Luarna said...

Facinating what your brain gets u to at night. But i have a question. Do you really think that it is "heaven sent?" Because God does not give out sickness or 'bad'. Have a think about that and tell me what you think.

Janney said...

No. I don't think its heaven sent. It just came out that way, and it was late at night, ... I'm just looking up a verse in my bible and I'm gonna write another post i think :)