Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Personally, I beleive that the more you read the Old Testemant, the more you understand what a passionate God we serve. Until we read, read and re-read it, do we understand how much God LOVED His people, how much they provoked Him, and how he felt when the rejected Him, and how after all that, even though they forced His hand (so to speak) how true it is that He is slow to anger and abounding in love, because even then, He disciplined them for their own good, and to ultimately to bring them back to Him.
The Old Testement is full of amazing prophesies, which we can apply to our lives... passionate verses, like in Jerimiah, where God pours out His heart, angry that the people He loves are rejecting Him, when the way He feels about them (us) is like a husband to a wife, or a father to a child.
Also, there's examples of how God would have us be honest with Him... honest about our anger and feelings of injustice (Psalms... Job), feelings of complete dissolutionment with life (Ecclesiasties) and of course, feelings of joy, wonder and praise. They whole human experience in one book. And so much more.
To me, when understood in the light of Jesus, I would summerise the Old Testiment as God pouring His heart out to man, and man pouring his heart out to God .

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Luarna said...

Hi dear old friend
WOW! oh my gosh. I am so astounded at what insight and depth of understnding you hsve of scripture. I dont have that, and i want it. How did you learn so much? I read all that you had writen and i so agree with you. You seem to have the gift-of-the-written-gab. I understnad oyu so well when you write these things down and often when i read an esplanation of Bible stuff i get so confused, Maybe because i know you and i know your "real" makes it more real to me. Thankyou so much for sharing all you insights with us. I feel very strongly that you deffinately have a purpose. You are one of my main sources of inspiration adn thught at teh moment. I am in a bit of a drift. Happy and content but spritiually adrift. Can you give me challenge? tell me what you read and check up no me? I really want help to get into scripture and for it to eb real to me. Any ideas?
Love you
Lumpy Ruhbarb