Monday, March 2, 2009

Designs for the Mangere Baptist church Sign

Well, guess what I spent today doing? Yes. Reading bloggs! (not all day, but I did get a bit sidetracked ). And it seems people regularly show off there stuff, sometimes on a daily basis. (I don't notice anyone complaining the way I do though). Well, it was fun, and made me realise I have more I can add to my blog. Like today. Numbler one, I drafted a sleeve for my bodice "sloper", and I did these drafts of signs for the Baptist church that I go to bible study with. I think I've been watching too much "Jesus is a friend of mine" videos on You Tube. That's another link I'll have to post coz it's hillarious! What was I saying? Oh yeah, these sign designs are probably a bit too groovy man, so I'll do some more serious designs tomorrow.

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Luarna said...

Hi janet. I like the one top right hand corner. very classy and simple. the wave thingy seems to reflect the polynesian influence nicely.