Monday, February 23, 2009

cowl neck top, and alien signs!

Well, I had a pretty stink week, feeling pretty bad about myself, so I'm posting pictures of my latest creations to make myself feel better. If you ever wonder why I continually brag about my projects, it's not because I'm
conceited, it's because I have way low self esteme, and I need to make myself feel better... coz I'm failing in everyother area of my life AAARGHHH!
Anyway. The alien is for our church youth area. I designed the logo and made the signage today. (Our address is 51 Diorella drive, so they called it Area 51 - with Ephesians 2.19 being their key verse) I'll have to double check that reference. I'm putting it up tomorrow morning.
And the top, well, it's a top I totally drafted from scratch. I'm doing an on-line pattern making course and am going to make myself sooo many clothes... I'm redoing the base pattern for my bodice tonight, because although it made a decent enough top, I want to make a fitted jacket, and my pattern just wont do in the state its in. Keep ya posted!~

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Luarna said...

Hi Jammy
I like teh top! very nice shape, you're right. I do think tho that a stronger colour would look really good on you. The Alien is so cool. very googly looking and alienly but also almost cute. I really like it.