Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Art basher

I've added another picture to my artbash page. I thought it was about time, after the little speech I wrote on it about christians improving their skills... here's the link...


I'm not doing my business this year (although any work that comes along I'll probably do), because I'm sick of.... it. Sick of trying to impress people who don't care anyway. Sick of not being myself. I thought I'd try and live off my art, but I'm realising that that's a bit of an arrogant thought. Artists are a dime a dozen now adays - and I'm not a true "artist"... I just want the money... in saying that, I had fun today doing painting and drawing and I still believe God gave me a gift for something. May as well use it.

I'm off to the beach tomorrow with Catherine. I've just come back from a Folk music festival, and it took me all of yesterday and today to recover. Not that it was bad. That's the point. It was too good and I had my usual "spaz" when I got home and had to face my life again. But I'm over it now and settled again. I read something so encouraging, about our life's purpose being way greater than our present circumstances, and one of the lines quoted was from a song sung in the folk service, and I realised, God was with me even when I didnt realise... I mean, or think of Him, and He understands how I feel. I don't have to fake gratitude. Jesus said "Lord, take this cup away from me!" God suprises me sometimes...

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