Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Our new painted house

Hey! Check it out. We've had our house painted for the first time in over 30 years! Probably longer... I'm 30 and it hasnt been done in my lifetime anyway. (Before and after obviously, in the other order... this is posting funny).I'm really pleased with it. I did some vehicle signage for a guy who was starting out as a self-employed painter, and 3 days later he was painting our house :) Now I've seen the time he took over the job I'm all inspired to do the window frames now. It only took him 2 weeks, but he did a primo job. Very pleased :)

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Luarna said...

Cool. very nice. If you're going to paint windows can you do it in a weekend and can i come and help? i'm pretty awesome with a paintbrush and i'm good aat taping and masking too. i enjoy house painting. Did you check facebook. Jeffery is going to be a dad! Pooey, i have ot go work now and i didn't get time to post my stuff. I'll o it tonight. and i know what you eman about the fan thingy. I love reading my blog. Arn't we just so clever!